ShotScan Pattern Analysis Reports

This area of the ShotScan® Patterning site is devoted to the reports we create.  These reports are the final product which we produce for shotgunners.  They help shooters understand how their gun and ammo perform and give clues as to how to improve that performance.

Some of the reports we create could have been created by hand by patiently drawing circles and counting holes.  However, the analysis which goes into most of the ShotScan® Reports would be so tedious that no one would try.  Fortunately, computers are very good at doing tedious work very quickly and accurately.  If you use our services, you get the benefit of very complete analysis of your patterns with a minimum of personal effort.

We produce five kinds of reports.  Three of the reports deal with only one target. The other two reports provide comparisons among the whole set of targets.  Each of these is described in detail under the 1 Target or 6 Target buttons.

The sample report pictures included in this section are at a fairly course 60 pixels per inch.  This makes them fit on the web pages easily and keeps them small enough that you don't grow old waiting for them to arrive.  Just in case you want to see one at full resolution, press the High-Res button and you'll get one report with 25 times as many pixels as the normal ones.  Prepare to wait.  (Obviously, the paper reports we mail to you are all printed at full resolution.)

The Process button will lead you to a description of the patented ShotScan® Pattern Analysis Process.  If you are interested in the "internals", this is the place for you.

We reserve the right to change these reports at any time without prior notice.  We will make improvements which increase the value of our reports to the shotgunner.  If there are additions, deletions, or other improvements you'd like to see, please let us know through the reportmaster's feedback page.

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