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Through a very complicated chemical and mechanical process your shotgun sends a shot string down range, hopefully hitting your intended target.  Your shot string starts as a very dense pattern under an inch in diameter and grows to a very large and thin pattern which can allow your target to escape, even if your are "right on". By patterning your shotgun, you can determine the best loads to use at what range for each situation you will encounter.

Success with a shotgun requires proper gun fit, proper ammunition for the range and target, and lots of practice. Your gun has to fit so you can bring it up the same way and have a consistent view of the target every time. You need a shotshell that your gun patterns well for the targets you´re after. If there are holes or weak areas near the center of your pattern, you can lose targets that you should have gotten. You need good coverage in as large a center of the pattern that you can create. This means tuning loads to match your gun and chokes. Finally, when all the mechanics are taken care of, you can get down to actually shooting. Now, with a proper sight picture provided by good gun fit and with confidence that targets you are "on" will always break, you can go practice to get the hand eye coordination skills up to the level you desire. There will be lots of practice. And to have that practice be most beneficial, you need to know that every target you missed was due to a problem in pointing the gun -- you were behind it, over it, etc. You need to be able to count on the gun and the load.

ShotScan® Reports have described patterns for many shooters. The process involved going to the range and shooting loads at paper targets. These were then sent in for us to analyze at our facilities. Patterning is tedius work. Even when we do all the counting and reporting, it attracted only a small number of shooters. We have, with regret, decided to discontinue this paper target based service. We are in the early stage of design of other solutions that might provide almost the same level of understanding of the patterns with less fuss.

If anyone has a kit of targets for which they would like a refund, please send an  e-mail to sales@shotscan.com asking for the refund and supplying the serial numbers of the targets you received in your kit. We will refund your money and take those targets off of our "waiting to be shot" list.

Our site has been pruned to eliminate pages involved with selling the patterning targets kits. We have left the pages that discuss what patterning is all about. We have also left the pages that describe the reports we prepared. These suggest how you might want to think about any patterns you shoot.

Our web site is organized into two main areas, each accessible directly from this page via the shot shell icons above. Notice that "Home" is highlighted since that's where we are.  On any page, you can click the ShotScan® HOME logo at the top left corner and return to this page.

"Patterning" describes what patterning is all about and gives tips on how to recognize good patterns and bad patterns.  It also discusses what causes patterns to develop the way they do and suggests some things you can do to improve yours.

"Reports" shows samples of each of the five ShotScan® pattern reports we produced for shots taken in the field.  There are two levels of description of each report so you can take the short course or the full treatment.  This area is also home to the technical information about how we prepare the reports from the targets you shoot.

This site is best viewed in a browser window at least 640 pixels wide.  We have used html frames to improve navigation and forms to simplify feedback.  We have designed this site to work reasonably with all browsers.  If you don't get usable results with yours, please let us know.  We welcome e-mail to webmaster@shotscan.com.

 We hope you find your trip to our site informative and worthwhile. 

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